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  1. My 17 year old daughter and I came for a week of flexwing flying in July 19. We are both novice pilots, with poor UK weather meaning we had only managed a handful of hours each before our arrival.

    We had a wonderful week! Flying every day made such a difference to our progress. Derek was a calm and patient instructor who sets high standards but then guided us towards achieving these with constructive and helpful feedback. The scenery was magnificent and the conditions helpfully varied; completely calm in the early morning, then becoming progressively more thermic and windy later in the day to consolidate learning in more challenging conditions.

    We stayed in Derek and Abby’s lovely villa, and spent most of the afternoons in the pool or sat on the veranda admiring the views of the mountains. We also had a couple of trips out to the nearby castles, to a local fiesta, and to the cinema and out for a meal with Derek and Abby. They are a lovely lovely couple who made us feel virtually family.

    Overall from both a flying and a holiday perspective we could not have asked for more. We will be back!

  2. I have not been to Derek’s for any flying training yet as I still have to make my mind up on where
    I want to do my flying and with whom. However, I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the full and honest response he gave me to my initial inquiry and now it is looking more likely I will book with him. Let us see???

  3. Took a trial flight in the Aeroprakt microlight aircraft with Derek . Fantastic experience with stunning views . Highly recommended . Brilliant . Highlight of my holiday .

  4. Just returned home from watching my 17 year old enjoy his first flexwing microlight flight, Rafa described the experience as exhilerating. His perception of Derek was of a skilled pilot who demonstrated high knowledge of both the area being flown over and his flying skills. The lessons learned from a superb “hands on” teacher are something he will never forget. This was an unforgettable experience and we would like to pass on our thanks through this medium.
    Kevin and Rafael.

  5. Derek,

    Hope you are all keeping well

    Apologies for not being in touch earlier but there hasn’t been a lot to

    Weather in the UK has been good, bad and indifferent and more holidays
    have conspired to reduce the amount of time available to fly.

    Am I there yet? – no not quite. But a lot further along the path – and
    there was the matter of the altimeter going on the blink and thinking it
    was at 4000 ft instead of 150 ft

    Couldn’t find any spiders or water in the tubes, reset it and seems to
    be behaving itself – £400 saved

    I am just about to depart for Ireland and will be away for three weeks.
    When I come back flying gets a high priority!

    What I do want to say is thank you for a great week, the hospitality and
    the instruction. When I told my flying-partner about it he wished he had

    Thanks again


  6. Having just completed a weeks training with Derek in a flex wing. I can honestly say it’s been one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. The scenery was fantastic the weather was good and the training was excellent. The whole trip was well put together accommodation was fantastic and i’d recommend it to anybody. If Flying a Microlite is what you want to achieve I think you could do a lot worse than to start your training here. Good luck.
    Regards Charles

  7. Being somewhere between first solo flights and my GST I booked a week with New Horizons Microlighting to increase my general flying experience and to get away from the unpredictable UK winter weather. Discussing this with Derek, the Flying Instructor, we agreed that a programme of cross country and inter-airfield flights would meet my objectives and fill a gap in my progress to GST.
    I had 5 consecutive days of near perfect weather that enabled us to complete a familiarization flight and 4 extensive cross country flights, 3 of which incorporated landing at distant airfields. Flying over mountains, along valleys and around the coast were amazing experiences after only being used to East Anglia and my home airfield!
    Under Derek’s excellent tutelage and guidance, I learnt a great deal and experienced many things that I had only previously read about: flight planning, navigation hazards, joining and landing at different airfields, valley effect, ridge lift, rotor effect, local weather conditions etc. At the same time as I was gaining this experience Derek explained the principles of Navigation so that on the final day I was able to pass the Navigation exam with flying colours!
    Derek and Abbey are a very hospitable and friendly couple. Their holiday villa is very comfortable and well equipped and I quickly felt at home there, making it easier for me to concentrate on each day’s flying.
    I would thoroughly recommend signing up with New Horizons whatever your flying and holidaying needs. But if you want to experience flying in a wildly different environment to the UK – the magnificent mountains, valleys and coasts of SE Spain – there can be nowhere better.

  8. What a lovely place to come, an experience I will never forget.
    I have met some fantastic people and felt very welcome. I can’t complain about the flying either, it has got to be one of the nicest surroundings, and has got me so much closer to my goal.
    Thanks Derek and Abby it’s been a real pleasure.

  9. …can I just ad one more thing:
    * The scenery is wonderful. Unlike some places with just field after field after field. Here you will find hills, mountains, hidden valleys and then mile after mile of soft sand beach and the Mediterranean glistening in the sun!

  10. I have been training with Derek throughout 90% of my flexwing microlight training. What a simply superb combination:
    * Hugely experienced CFI
    *Great balance of direct and clear verbal instruction and demonstration (and, yes the odd expletive!) combined with quiet confidence coupled with huge bear hugs.
    * The weather,,oh the weather. Most of my training has been over the evenings with glorious warm sunshine during the day. It just doesn’t get any better.
    * Live right the by the airfield in a small villa with its own pool.
    * Plenty to do in Gandia or Oliva.
    * Abbey and Derek’s warm as the weather.

    Love coming here.


  11. I hadn’t flown for more than 10 years, so was more than a little apprehensive about my first flight in the Foxbat. I shouldn’t have worried, Derek is a superb professional, and quickly put me completely at ease.

    We flew down to Gandia and along the coast between Cullera to Oliva. This really is a great aircraft to fly in and I very much enjoyed the training. Now I can’t wait to do it again. Luckily for me, Balica is only 20 minutes up the road, so just some gentle persuasion of “the boss”, required!

    Many thanks, Derek, for a great morning and I look forward to seeing you soon.

    Best wishes,


  12. Had a good week at the beginning of June 2015 – passed my GST with Derek. Enjoyable week, and the accommodation and hospitality was great. Looking forward to revisiting.


  13. I would highly recommend Derek of New Horizons as a microlight instructor. He clearly knows what he’s doing and is able to pass on his knowledge and flight skills in a friendly, clear and instructive way. I’ve had 20 hours of fixed wing training with him so far and I’m looking forward to my next session in a few weeks time. It’s worth the effort of travelling there for the benefit of not losing days due to adverse weather whilst at the same time you will still have sufficient cross wind take offs/landings in fresh breezes to hone your skills in preparation for UK weather.

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