Welcome to New Horizons School of Microlighting, now operating with Aeroclub Balica, based under the sun drenched skies of beautiful Spain, where they are known as ultralights or ULM.

Originally operating in Cheshire, England, we became increasingly frustrated by the unpredictable British weather, feeling the students frustrations at not being able to move on because of cancelled flights…

After seeing our existing students through to their GST’s we flew away to pastures new…and flyable skies!!!

We have been here in the Valencia region of Spain for over 18 years and have introduced / taught / improved / assisted  and passed many, many microlight pilots through their GST (General Skills Test) and theory exams thus far!  I have had to gain my AESA (Spanish) instructor licence, both theory and practical all in Spanish, for both fixed and flexwing disciplines, so you can imagine the time this took.

We have been extremely lucky to have had some wonderful students and their families coming out to stay…from stunning Scotland (that swam in the pool in the middle of Winter!!!), from beautiful Ireland who have become close friends over the years, several students from Malta, a couple from The Fiji Isles, commercial airline pilots and even a couple of retired Concorde Pilots. Some wonderful people who keep coming back for more, year after year…even after they have their full licences!

What we have on offer is amazing flying over stunning scenery, quiet but friendly airfields, miles and miles of golden beaches, castles, caves and a fully equipped two bedroomed casita, with pool…and that’s why we’re so busy!!!

My absolute passion for flying started as a small boy….dreaming of flying! As I grew up, it was Hang-gliding that stole my heart…and most of my money! Later, entering competitions, around Britain and abroad, winning the…blah blah blah……….!!! (nuff said!)

After over 8,500 hours of flight… I am still absolutely and totally hooked. To be able to pass on that same passion is still a real pleasure…one I will never tire of…..

If I can be of any help or guidance in furthering your wish to fly, for the first time, or to improve, or to get past that infernal British weather!!! Please feel free to contact me…Derek Merritt-Holman…Look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to take to the sunny blue skies of Spain.

Until then…happy landings! Derek.

Some of our Students!

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